About Us

Charlie Duncan
Owner / Broker
Cell: 869 762 0000

Charlie was born in St Kitts when his father was an engineer at the then thriving sugar factory. He was educated in St Kitts, Jamaica, Barbados, United Kingdom and Canada and then, after completing his studies, became involved in real estate in Vancouver, BC from which he developed a passion that has remained with him to this day.
The pull of magical St Kitts and Nevis brought him back to the land of his birth some 30 years ago and he has remained here ever since.

Charlie’s working life has taken him from Canadian real estate, to the islands’ hospitality industry and then to running his own businesses. However, real estate has been his underlying passion which led him to launch Carambola Real Estate in 2006 with his wife, Gigi.

Gigi Duncan
Owner / Broker
Cell: 869 762 3000

Gigi was educated at boarding school in the United Kingdom and at the same time traveled extensively throughout the world spending her school holidays with her parents who lived in far-flung places, working for an international telecommunications company.

This whetted her appetite for meeting people from various countries and cultures and it was love at first sight when she first visited the islands of St Kitts and Nevis some 30 years ago. Thereafter, with a few short exceptions, she has been resident ever since.

Gigi has crewed on luxury yachts, worked in advertising in London and has run her own businesses for the last 15 years. Her affinity for people, her attention to detail, and her desire to make people’s dreams become a reality in this twin island paradise led her to launch Carambola Real Estate with her husband in 2006.

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