St. Kitts citizenship by Investment

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As one of the oldest citizenship and passport programs in the world, the Economic Citizenship program offered by St. Kitts and Nevis has been very successful since it’s beginning in 1984, and has been drawing investors to the area for decades. Simply put, St. Kitts citizenship by investment attracts investors of good character to invest in real estate or the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, and thereafter allows them to be eligible to apply for citizenship. Requirements of the program are a minimum purchase of US $350,000 in an approved real estate project. Typically approved projects are homes or condos where the developer was granted permission to offer the option of Economic Citizenship. There are additional fees to apply which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Citizenship by Investment in St. Kitts

There are many great benefits of becoming a citizen via the St. Kitts citizenship by investment program, including citizenship for life, the ability to hold dual citizenship, the ability to have a valid second passport, full residency status, and tax free status on all income, capital gains, gifts, wealth, and inheritance. In addition, citizens of St. Kitts enjoy visa-free travel to numerous countries in the world.

As citizens ourselves, we would be happy to sit down and explain some of these benefits more thoroughly as well as introduce you to many of the St. Kitts homes for sale, which would qualify for the St. Kitts citizenship by investment program. We believe you will find the islands to have some of the best natural scenery, exquisite climate, and fantastic real estate opportunities, and it would be our pleasure to welcome you to the islands and to show you our home. For more information on citizenship by investment, please feel free to call us at your convenience.